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Muut 50 cal aseet

.50 kaliiperin merkkaimet (poislukien Splatmaster sarjan kalusto) toimivat hiilidioksidilla tai paineilmalla, aivan kuten tavalliset värikuulamerkkaimet. Ne ovat kokonsa puolesta kompaktimpia, käyttävät kaasua vähemmän per laukaus, hiljaisempia ja lippaaseen mahtuu enemmän kuulia. Merkittävin ero on kuitenkin pienempi/kevyempi kuula, joka osuessaan iskee hiljaisella teholla tehden pelaamisesta varsinkin nuoremmille harrastajille mieluisemman kokemuksen.

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  1. Tippmann TMC Marker .50 Cal Black
  2. Eclipse Etha2 .50 Cal HDE Earth

    Eclipse Etha2 .50 Cal HDE Earth

    The original Etha was developed specifically to allow access to the Eclipse marker range by those on a budget. It was robust and reliable, solidly constructed and has provided years of honest service for thousands of players around the world.

    But now it is time for the Etha to evolve. To not only be reliable, but also refined. Not just robust, but feature-packed. The Etha2 is here to lead the way. To show others what is possible with creative and innovative engineering solutions. It's here to disrupt the establishment and dominate the market. With features never before seen in this sector in a package that handles and performs like nothing before it.

    Driven by the now-legendary Gamma Core the Etha2 is built to handle the harshest of environments. From searing heat to frigid frozen wastes, the exceptionally tough composite external construction with aircraft-grade aluminium interior will take everything that even the roughest and most demanding player can throw at it. Yet on the field its stretched-out grip spacing, light weight and natural balance make it easy to manoeuvre, natural to aim and amazing fun to shoot.

    At last, it's time for the Etha to step out of the shadows, and begin its Ethalution.

    Accept 50 cal paint only! Lue lisää...
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  3. GOG eNMEy .50 Cal Rental Jet Black

    GOG eNMEy .50 Cal Rental Jet Black

    Highly Efficient – GOG® design and 50 caliber combine in one super-efficient marker. Average velocities of 250 fps yield over 1200 shots from a 48ci compressed air system or over 300 from an ultra-compact 13ci.

    True Pneumatic Design – No batteries, no hammer, no sear, no kick... The eNMEyTM .50cal valve is not powered by springs. Precisely balanced gas pressures and a light, crisp pneumatic trigger provide high-end performance at an entry-level price.

    Regulated Low Pressure – Whether using CO2 or compressed air, the eNMEyTM .50cal's integrated regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent velocity. Running at 130 psi nominal, the eNMEyTM 50cal is gentle enough to handle even the most brittle .50 caliber paintballs with ease. Simple To Maintain – The eNMEyTM .50cal valve core can be removed for cleaning or repair as a single unit with no tools required. With only one key moving part and no metal-on-metal wear points, the aircraft-grade aluminum valve core is fast and simple to maintain.

    Dual-Gas Compatible – An integrated relief valve completely protects the pneumatic components in the eNMEyTM .50cal from the pressure spikes often associated with liquid CO2, while the vertical regulator compensates for pressure fluctuations allowing for stable velocity with compressed air or CO2.

    Perfect for Younger Players – The reduced impact energy of .50 caliber paintballs is rapidly gaining popularity as a gateway to bring younger players into the sport. The compact size and light weight of the eNMEyTM .50cal combine with a compact loader and 13ci air system into a field ready marker that feels high-tech but still fits small hands without weighing them down.

    Accept 50 cal paint only! Lue lisää...
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  4. Kingman Spyder Opus 50 cal Rental silver

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