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Reput ja laukut

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  1. GXG Tactical Backpack Khaki

    GXG Tactical Backpack Khaki

    GXG:n Tactical Backpack -selkäreppu on jokaisen todellisen taistelin kantolaite. Isossa repussa hyvin pehmustetut olkaremmit sekä lantiovyö. Useita er… Lue lisää...
    39,00 €

    Varastossa 2 kpl

  2. NXe Checkered backpack

    NXe Checkered backpack

    NXe Back pack expands on its industry leading style and design, and takes functionality to a whole new level with this model.

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    Normaali hinta: 20,00 €

    Tarjoushinta 12,95 €

    Varastossa 3 kpl

  3. NXe Hi-end Back pack

    Normaali hinta: 20,00 €

    Tarjoushinta 10,00 €

    Varastossa 5 kpl

  4. Empire Daypack Breed

    Normaali hinta: 38,00 €

    Tarjoushinta 25,00 €

    Varastossa 2 kpl

  5. Eclipse GX2 Classic Bag HDE Earth

    Eclipse GX2 Classic Bag HDE Earth

    Eclipse GX Kitbag

    The Eclipse GX Kitbag has the classic two compartment configuration; the main compartment is big enough to cram in loads of gear and also has some handy large internal zip pockets and a clear document holder. The moisture resistant lining makes removing paint and dirt a touch easier. The side compartment is great for keeping your clean gear separate from your dirty stuff or just fill it with more dirty stuff, your choice!

    A new addition to the GX Kitbag are high visibility zip pullers making them easy to locate and operate.

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    199,95 €

    Varastossa 1 kpl

  6. GXG DLX Travel Bag, Black

    GXG DLX Travel Bag, Black

    Product Description ? Deluxe travel bag
    ? Room for all your gear
    ? Dimensions- 22l x 6w x 14h
    ? Extra durable Lue lisää...

    Normaali hinta: 24,95 €

    Tarjoushinta 19,95 €

    Varastossa 2 kpl

  7. NXe Elevation equipment bag
  8. NXe Toalet case

    Normaali hinta: 5,00 €

    Tarjoushinta 3,00 €

    Varastossa 1 kpl

  9. Messenger Bag

    Normaali hinta: 10,00 €

    Tarjoushinta 6,95 €

    Varastossa 2 kpl

9 tuote(tta)

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