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Carbon SC Harness 5+6-pack Gray

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Description: The minimalist SC Harness is designed with an innovative airbag system that allows players to self tailor their lumbar support to increase stability, maximize comfort and decrease pod & harness movement. Pack features tapered tube ejectors that slim and compress the harnesses profile as pods are used leaving less exposed with the removal of each tube.

 * Capacity 4+5 tubes. Product available in wide version and 4 other colors. Also available in 3+4 and 5+6 configurations (tubes not included).


  • Adjustable air bag/ bladder
  • Strapless compression fit
  • Tapered tube ejectors (Patent Pending)
  • Laser ventilated waist belt
  • No hard components (plastic or injections)
  • Automatic slimming profile design
  • Minimal motion flex technology
  • Fully ventilated back cushion
  • Non-slip silicone coated back pad

!WARNING! Technical Garment: Hand wash only. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Hang dry. Do not iron.


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