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BunkerKings Strapless pack V5 WKS 4+7 - Sherwood camo

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Light-years ahead of the competition, the Bunkerkings WKS Supreme Pack is a fifth generation upgrade to the original revolutionary BK Supreme pack. 

With its lightning speed one handed load and unload functionality simple enough for anyone to load like a pro. 

The patented pod holding technology makes you able to load any size pod with no adjustments needed. 


The belt is the is the perfect combination of comfort and stability with a friction foam pad and a four way lock down system. It also has the strongest Velcro available which will hold your harness and pods securely as you slide in to the next bunker.

Performance Benefits


  • Faster to pull your pods.
  • Faster to load up your pack before the game.
  • Easier to reinsert your empties during the game.
  • Works with all pods sizes - no adjustment needed.
  • Run faster without a bulky pack bouncing on your back.
  • Stays in place without sliding around.
  • Extremely comfortable and secure feeling.
  • Holds pods in securely when standing, crouching, crawling, running or diving.


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