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Warranty and support


Our products generally have a six (6) month warranty. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover consumable parts, such as seals, screws, protective plates, lenses etc. The warranty does not cover leaks in pressurized parts. The warranty servicing does not cover damages resulting from insufficient maintenance or inadequate cleaning. The warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or use against operating instructions. The warranty does not cover removing screws stuck because of rusting.


Sissos will service products it sells when necessary. The hourly fee for services is EUR61, spare parts are charged separately. The product inspection fee is at minimum EUR15 (will be charged if the product has a defect not covered by the warranty). We change the battery for all our electric markers (low voltage is the reason of malfunction in 50% of the cases).

We are not liable for cosmetic damage occurred during service. Some products may scratch during service (for example when opening regulators). We a not liable if the product is damaged while opening or closing threads.

If you are sending a product to Sissos for warranty repairs, either returning a purchased product or a product for service, please complete the return form sent with your purchase, print it and include it with the product. If the product is sent without a warranty/return/service form, it may take longer to process it or we might not be able to process it at all because of insufficient information. You can open the return form here and print it.

Returns are handled either by a pick-up service or by your chosen carrier (Post, Matkahuolto, MyPack or DPD): the customer pays the return fees. We return warranty service products to the customer by the best possible means, usually Posti.

Questions and answers

You will find answers to frequently asked questions about the warranty, service and general use of the equipment via the links below.

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