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How do I start playing paintball? Where can I try paintball? What equipment do I need?

1. By renting the equipment
2. By organizing a supervised game
3. By taking part in Sissos Arena or Paintball Bunker Walk-in games or Urho’s open training
4. By purchasing your own gear
    4.1 Selecting the marker gun
    4.2. Selecting the mask
    4.3. Compressed air or carbon dioxide?
    4.4. Clothing
    4.5. Shoes
    4.6. Bulk belt
    4.7. Guards
    4.8. Other equipments

1. Renting the equipment
You can rent paintball equipment from companies who offer rentals, for example Sissos. There are paintball rental companies around Finland, find the nearest one from the, website or by using Google.

Renting the necessary equipment and paintballs costs around EUR20 to 25 per person during the week and EUR30 to 50 over the weekend. You can find more information about Sissos’ offerings here.

2. Organized events

Many paintball companies organize supervised paintball events. The events include playing equipment, game area and an instructor who helps with the equipment and leads the game. Supervised games usually last 2 to 3 hours and cost approximately EUR30 to 60 per person, depending on the length and size of the game.

Sissos organizes open games for anyone who is interested in paintball on a monthly basis. Games are organized either outdoors at Sissos Arena or indoors in Paintball Bunker. For organized events all you need to do is to show up on time, you can rent everything on site. Read more about Sissos’ paintball events here.

3. Sissos Arena and Paintball Bunker Walk-in games and Urho's open training sessions

Open Walk-in game events are held at Sissos Arena and are open to all participants. Game equipment is available for rent on site for those who do not have their own equipment. Games invariably attract a lot of involvement, so everyone is guaranteed more targets that also shoot back.

During the winter, Sissos organizes indoor Walk-in games in the Paintball Bunker. Games are played on a fast-paced sup'air field. During the game day, you will have time to play a lot of rounds on the action packed field.

You can take part in Walk-in games whether you are a more experienced player or just having your first go at the sport. You can come alone or with a friend. It is also possible to watch the games from outside the field behind a safety net.

Read more about Walk-in games at the Sissos Arena and Paintball Bunker here.

3.1. Urho's open training sessions

During the winter, the Urho Paintball team trains in the Paintball Bunker. Open training sessions are held approximately every two weeks (odd weeks) on Tuesdays from 18.00 to 21.00. During the Urho training sessions, paintball techniques are taught under the guidance of SM-level players. You will learn rapidly with good teaching.

4. Purchasing your own paintball equipment

We recommend having your first go of the sport by using rental equipment, participating in a supervised game event or borrowing equipment from a friend before buying your own. Previous gaming experience will help with your decision when you are buying your first marker setup. The knowledgeable staff at Sissos will advise and guide you right from your first steps in paintball. Feel free to ask about the sport from our shop staff!

All over Finland, there are hundreds of groups who play paintball more or less regularly throughout the year and organize their own game events. In addition to these events, Sissos organizes, for example, Walk-in game events open to all, where there is the opportunity to play the sport, whether you play in a team/club or not.

If you have the opportunity to come and visit our store, we highly recommend it. In our store we have a wide selection of paintball related products: starting packages, markers, goggles, paintballs, barrels, pod harnesses, magazines and the like. Our qualified sales staff will identify your needs and recommend the most suitable package for you. You can also give us a call and we can tell you more about what we have to offer.

Online shopping is also a good option for purchasing paintball gear. Paintball Sissos offers most of their goods through the webshop. If you have questions about compatibility of different items or about your order feel free to call or e-mail us.

4.1 Selecting the marker marker
When selecting a paintball marker, right from the start you should be thinking of what the equipment you are buying will be used for. Are you trying out what playing the sport is like? Do you play once or twice in the summer or are you perhaps planning to take up the sport more actively, for example, with a group of friends or in a team/club? The cheapest possible marker may be the perfect purchase for more adventurous people that are interested in paintball or for those players of the sport who rarely take part. The more active player will appreciate features of a quality marker, such as durability, reliability and ease of use.

When you buy a good basic marker, you won't have to immediately start updating all your equipment with new stuff, but you may want to update your marker with upgradable parts that can change the appearance of the marker or add gameplay features in exactly the way you want them.

4.2. Selecting the mask
The mask is the most important piece of paintball gear, and you should not compromise on the quality when choosing one.

A good mask doesn't fog up, pinch anywhere and fits the player's head perfectly. The best way to find a suitable mask for your own head is try them on. If you live a long way from a paintball store, you can try on your team mates' masks and order the model you want from our online store. For further information about buying a mask, please contact the expert sales team at Sissos.

In a good mask, the air flow is so well organized that exhaled water vapor does not fog the lens. Another way to prevent fogging is to buy a double lens, also called thermal lens. In any case, you should always take good care of the lens and be careful not to scratch it unnecessarily. There is nothing more frustrating than playing with a scratched lens that fogs up game after game.

4.3. Compressed air or carbon dioxide?
The propellant used for paintball markers is either compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is a liquid which needs heat in order to expand into usable gas for the markers, while compressed air is normal air that we breathe compressed into a smaller space. The use of compressed air has increased dramatically during the past decade. Tanks/cylinders are available in 200 and 300 BAR versions, where 300 BAR cylinder holds more pressure and is more expensive. A regulator (pressure reducing device) is installed on the pneumatic cylinder head. This adjusts the output pressure to make it suitable for paintball markers.

Compressed air is a little more expensive initially than carbon dioxide, but it rapidly pays for itself with its user friendliness and ease of use. There is no need to weigh the bottles and guess how much air is still inside, as you can see directly from the pressure gauge. Most companies that rent out paintball equipment have switched to compressed air precisely because of its ease and comfort of use.

4.4. Clothing
- Overalls.
Overalls are an easy way to protect the clothes under them from wear, tear and dirt. Select overalls that are slightly baggy so your movement isn't restricted even if you are wearing several layers of clothes. Camouflage overalls also make players more difficult to detect in game fields in the forest.

- Camouflage fatigues.
Camouflage fatigues are the most popular playing gear when playing in the forest. Playing gear patterned with various forest colors makes the players more difficult to detect in the field. You should bear in mind that even the best camouflage will not work if the player is always in motion, because rapid movement reveals the players location in an instant.

- Playing equipment for competition games.
Well-padded and air-conditioned playing clothes are specifically designed for paintball use. Mesh is used on the sides of shirts as well as on trouser inners to allow air to pass through easily. Padding is used for shirts and pants in areas that are most likely to suffer hits and shocks from falling and sliding on the ground.

4.5. Footwear
When playing paintball in the woods, you should use shoes suitable for movement in the forest. High-sided shoes that provide support for the ankle and that have a good grip on various surfaces will come into their own when playing in forest terrain. Combat boots, hiking boots, orienteering shoes, or rubber boots for playing in the wet, are a good choice for footwear. Competition paintball players tend to wear football cleats.

4.6. Pod harness
With the aid of a pod harness you can easily carry extra paintballs with you on the field. There's nothing worse than having to leave a game because you've used up all your paintballs.

Pod harnesses come in different shapes and sizes and can hold containers with 100 or 140 paintballs, i.e. pods. The smallest harnesses can hold two 100-ball pods, while larger versions can hold up to 13 more pods with 140 paintballs in each. There is also a variety of tactical vests for carrying pods. You can check them out in our online shop or visit our store.

4.7. Pads and protection
Protecting your body from hits and bumps will make your gaming experience more pleasant.
The various kinds of armor that players use include:

- Knee pads. Soft knee pads are used under pants are comfortable to wear and prevent bruising. Using knee pads when playing makes it possible to kneel without pain.

- Elbow pads. Most of this type of pad protect the forearms as well as the elbows from bumps.

- Chest protectors, available in hard and soft versions. Hard armor stops pain to the upper body from hits, while softer armor offers higher probability of bounces.

- Neck guards, made of soft rubber material. Protect the neck area from bruising and unnecessary pain. When paintballs hit bare skin they usually leave a nasty mark and painful bruising. To avoid this, we recommend that players use a neck guard, so you don't have to explain at work or school why you have strange marks on your neck.

- Slide shorts. Padded skin-tight "shorts" provide additional protection from bumps to the hips and upper thighs. Most types of slide shorts include a soft cup. Slide shorts are an accessory favored by competition players, and are becoming more popular among all players alike.

4.8. Other accessories
- A remote hose allows the user to remove the air tank from under the marker and carry it in a harness instead. The pressure runs from the tank through the coiled hose to the marker. This is a really clever solution if you want a lighter marker setup or you use a rifle stock on your marker. Remotes are available with and without quick disconnect.

- A rifle stock makes shooting easier and more accurate, especially when using a remote hose. At the same time, you can get a more authentic look, as your otherwise authentic-looking assault rifle will no longer have a black lump on the top that ruins the whole look.

- Precision barrels silence your marker and release the paintballs in a tighter stack. The gas that fires the paintball can escape a little at a time from holes drilled into the end of the barrel, making the bang considerably softer. The most popular lengths for barrels are 14 and 16 inches (for example, a standard Tippmann barrel for markers is approximately 8.5 inches).