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Paintball Sissos Oy terms and conditions

This is a translation from the Finnish-language terms and conditions. In the first instance, the original Finnish terms and conditions apply.

These terms and conditions are applied to transactions between Paintball Sissos Oy and its customers.

Hereinafter, Paintball Sissos Oy is referred to as “Sissos”.

1. General terms and conditions

Sissos sells products and services to persons of at least 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer” or “Customer”). For persons under 18 years of age, Sissos sells products and services with the consent of a guardian. Products and services are sold to corporations and organizations (hereinafter “Corporate Customer”) on separate terms (see Section 7).

Sissos reserves the right to modify its terms and conditions without prior notice. The terms and conditions are applied in their state at the time of placing the order. The most recent version of the terms and conditions is always applied to new orders. The terms can be seen on the Sissos website at

The customer register maintained by Sissos is confidential. Information is not passed to any parties not included in these terms. Information about the registry can be found here:

Sissos abides by the Finnish trade and remote sales legislation. Sissos also abides by any other legislation relating to its activities.

When ordering from our online store, you agree to follow legally set terms for remote sales.

2. Prices, products and offers

Delivery to Finland:
Packages with a weight of less than 30 kg are delivered for EUR7.95 and those over 30 kg for EUR20 (prices include VAT at 24%).

Delivery to home or workplace is possible for + EUR5.
Cash on Delivery is possible for + EUR5.
Collection from Matkahuolto is possible for + EUR5.

A product-specific additional delivery fee of EUR10-100 may be added for some larger or heavier products. This shall be specified in product specifications. If the information is missing from the product specification, the delivery fee is displayed in the check-out basket alongside the regular delivery fees. For example, the large Ammo-up bullet collection device is subject to such additional fees.

Delivery information may be found at

Delivery costs vary according to location and are determined by either the product’s weight or volume, whichever is larger. Prices are displayed in the online shop when placing an order.

Prices in the online shop and price lists and offers are valid until otherwise mentioned. We reserve the right to change prices. Unscheduled price changes may be, for example, based on changes in fuel prices or currency rates.

Sissos is not liable for the information published on manufacturers’ websites.

Sissos sells professional products to Consumers, but in such cases delivery is made based on the Corporate Customer terms (see Section 7). Installation, commissioning and use of such products requires specialty experience and professional training. Such products include, for example, CO2 and compressed air refill equipment, compressed air compressors and high-pressure components.

Written offers provided by Sissos are valid during the time specified. Unless otherwise specified, written offers are valid for thirty (30) days of their date. Oral offers are only valid at the time of issue, unless otherwise agreed. Offers are only valid for warehoused products, unless otherwise specified in the offer. Sissos reserves the right to modify its offer for price and delivery time, if conditions not under the control of Sissos so warrant (e.g. changes in currency rates or fuel cost increases by shipping companies).

3. Orders, delivery and payment

Orders may be placed via the Sissos online shop, by email, phone or at a sales location. A binding transfer agreement comes into effect once the order is logged in the Sissos system or when the customer places the order via the phone or at a sales location.

If the ordered product is not available, Sissos shall contact the Customer to remedy the mistake as soon as possible. Sissos reserves the right to change the ordered product for an equal or better product, without giving separate notice to the Customer.

If some of the ordered products are not available immediately from the warehouse, the Customer may request separate delivery and in that case shall pay delivery fees for both shipments. If the Customer receives free delivery (e.g. for large orders or bulk delivery offers), this does not apply towards a possible separate delivery.

The usual delivery time by Sissos is 1-4 business days. Sissos will attempt to contact the Customer in the case of longer delivery times. Sissos reserves the right to use the best possible delivery method in its opinion. The delivery method may be changed e.g. due to price, weight of the shipment, size or special processing during delivery.

The check-out basket of the online shop announces delivery offers automatically (e.g. free delivery for large orders). Free delivery does not include the additional fees applicable for certain payment methods.

Sissos reserves the right to review the Customer’s credit information before sales and to withhold any possible credit. The registers of Suomen Asiakastieto Ltd. and Paintball Sissos Ltd. are used for credit evaluation. In the case of late payments, Sissos may collect late interest in accordance with the late interest legislation and an additional payment reminder fee of EUR5.

3.1. Payment methods

Online bank payments and credit cards

Payment service provider

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions acts as a broker for payment services and as a payment service provider. Paytrail Oyj shall be the receiver on the payer's account statement and shall relay the payment to the seller. In case of complaints, the product's deliverer shall be the first point of contact.

Paytrail Oyj, Business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: 0207 18183

Klarna invoice – 14-day interest-free period

Customers over the age of 18 may order products on invoice. After delivery, the Customer receives an invoice with a 14 day interest-free payment period.

It is not possible to order on invoice if you are ordering products to be sent to a different receiver or if you have provided a shipping address that is different from the one in the population registry.

If you choose invoicing as a payment method, Klarna shall review your credit and address information. There is an invoicing fee of EUR2.95.

Read more about payments by invoice.

Klarna invoicing is also available to Corporate customers. The maximum available credit for Corporate Customers is EUR500.

Klarna invoice – payment in installments

You may also choose payment in part with Klarna installments. When paying with Klarna installments, an account is automatically opened by Klarna Oy when placing the first order.

You may reduce the credit amount on the account in self-set monthly installments, but by no less than EUR9 or 1/24 of the final invoice amount, whichever is greater. You may always pay the total of the remaining invoice amount.

All purchases made with Klarna installments are automatically combined on the same account and monthly invoice, even if you use the Klarna installments in other online shops. You shall receive a single invoice and a single invoicing fee will be added regardless of the order count. Once you have paid off the final amount, the account is automatically terminated.

Installment costs:

Payment duration Iiterest rate Starting fee Invoice fee
3 months 0% 9,90€ 0,95€
6 months 0% 19€ 0,95€
12 months 0% 29€ 0,95€
24 months 9,95% 29€ 0,95€
36 months 9,95% 29€ 0,95€
Account 22% 0€ 0,95€

When using Klarna payment solutions, you are required to input your Personal ID and population registry address in the check-out cart. You shall receive an order confirmation via email once Klarna has approved the credit decision. After your first Klarna installment payment, you are mailed an account agreement, which you must sign and return to Klarna Oy.

Be sure to carefully read the general Klarna conditions on their website.

Any questions regarding the invoices may now also be addressed to the Klarna electronic
customer service form at

Read more about installment payments.

Cash on delivery – you pay when collecting the products

Cash on delivery includes an additional EUR5 cash on delivery fee. Cash on delivery payments are made at the collection point when receiving the shipment.

4. Order cancellation, exchanges and returns

The Customer may exchange or return the products within 14 days.

A return form is included with the order and the same form also acts as a return notice. If you are returning the order without collecting it, you may issue a return notice by emailing

Cancellations, returns or exchanges are done at the customers expense. The Customer may also, at their own expense, return the products to our sales locations, but in this case the customer may not claim reimbursement of travel expenses, etc., from Sissos.

The returned or exchanged product must be in the same condition as when it was delivered. So, for example, all packaging and instructions shall be returned with the product. The packaging shall be intact and the product may not show any signs of use.

*In order to expedite the exchange or return of the product, include the completed Sissos return form with the shipment ( or just the receipt, shipping or invoice copy. Pack the shipment carefully, Sissos is not liable for any damage that occurs due to careless packing.

*Paint bullets may not be returned after the packing bag has been opened (inspect the condition of the bullets through the bag and before opening it). Installing any software to paintball gun circuitry terminates the right to return. Electrical weapons may not be returned, if these have been fired (includes trigger use without compressed air installed, if the device has been powered). Underwear or related products (e.g. slide pant, protective cups, etc.) are not returnable.

*If the Customer has ordered a product that has been modified or installed at the Customer's request, that product cannot be returned or exchanged if Sissos has already ordered, installed or modified the product.

*Delivery costs of products delivered via special delivery are not reimbursed and return delivery is not paid. Such products include e.g. sup air play-fields and compressed air compressors. Upon return of such products, Sissos shall charge for the actual delivery costs, approximately EUR50-200.

Missing or incorrectly included products in orders

If an order is missing from the order, verify the invoice or source, and check that the product has not been marked for separate delivery or it has not been omitted because of a problem at the warehouse. If there is no such note, contact Sissos either by phone on +358-10-387780 (11 am to 6 pm on business days) or via email ( Proceed in the same manner if you have received an incorrect product.

Defective product

If your received product is broken or otherwise defective, please contact us immediately either by phone +358-10-3877880 (11 am to 6 pm on business days) or via email (
Clearly observable transport damage must always be reclaimed immediately and noted on the delivery note / receiving receipt (this does not remove the customer’s complaint responsibility towards Sissos).

Other information

The Customer shall pay all international costs for returns and maintenance. The Customer shall contact Sissos maintenance before international returns / delivery for maintenance.

For payment returns and if the Customer has already paid Sissos, the Customer shall submit full payment information to Sissos within a reasonable time after the return.

Shipping of returns

Shipments received by mail: Leave the shipment at the post office and request a Customer return receipt. Without the Customer return receipt, reimbursements are not possible if the shipment is lost. Make sure to leave the return shipment at the post office no later than within 14 days of receiving delivery.

Customer returns are sent to Paintball Sissos Oy, Asiakaspalautus 605861, Itäinen vaihdekuja 8, 00220 HELSINKI.

Shipments received to Smartpost parcel terminals: You may process the return according to the above instructions or use the same parcel terminal where you received the package. Remember to recover the Customer return receipt. Without the Customer return receipt, reimbursements are not possible if the shipment is lost. Make sure to leave the return shipment at the post office or parcel terminal no later than within 14 days of receiving delivery.

Shipments received by the Mathahuolto Lähellä service: Deliver the return to the same Matkahuolto service point where it was first received. Add the return address Paintball Sissos Oy, Asiakaspalautus XXXXXX, Itäinen vaihdekuja 8, 00220 HELSINKI. Tell the official accepting the package that it is a Customer return shipment. Remember to request a return receipt. Without the Customer return receipt, reimbursements are not possible if the shipment is lost. Make sure to leave the return shipment at the service point no later than within 14 days of receiving delivery.

Information on Corporate Customers’ cancellations and returns is given in Section 7.

5. Warranty and maintenance

In general, products sold by Sissos come with a six-month warranty. Some products may come with a longer warranty and this is always stated in the product information.

The warranty covers material and construction defects.  The warranty does not cover seals, screws, spare sheets, lenses, etc. The warranty does not cover leaks of pressured parts. The warranty does not cover defects caused by insufficient maintenance or cleaning, etc. The warranty does not cover opening of rusted shut screws. The warranty for replacement products shall not re-start but shall continue according to the purchase date.

Sissos is not liable for any extra warranties provided by the manufacturers.

Instruction manuals and other documentation for products can be found at

Sissos shall store serviced products for three months after the Customer has been notified of end of service. If the products are not recovered by the Customer in that period, Sissos shall claim ownership.

For warranty and service related issues, contact Sissos at or +358-10-3877880 (11 am to 6 pm on business days). Full contact details for Sissos can be found at

6. Complaints and disputes

All order- or delivery-related complaints are to be sent within fourteen (14) days of receiving the delivery to or by calling +358-10-3877880 (11 am to 6 pm on business days).

Full contact details for Sissos can be found at

Clearly observable transport damage must always be reclaimed immediately and noted on the delivery note / receiving receipt (this does not remove the customer’s complaint responsibility towards Sissos).

If a dispute cannot be solved by negotiations between the parties, the Customer may submit the issue to be decided by the Consumer Disputes Board (

Before submitting the issue to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer must contact the consumer advisors (


7. Conditions for corporate and organization customers

The Finnish Sale of Goods Act ( is applied to all trades made between Sissos and Corporate or Organization Customers (hereinafter Corporate Customer).

Corporate Customers may apply for invoice opportunities by contacting or by phone +358-10 387 7780. As a rule, we shall deliver the first few orders with cash on delivery or pre-payment.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Corporate Customer assumes responsibility for the product once it has left Sissos’ control, and this also includes shipping. The Corporate Customer may insure the shipment. The cost of insurance is EUR4 per shipment (including VAT) and the deductible is EUR200. Sissos insures all shipments of over EUR500 (including VAT) and adds the EUR4 insurance fee to the invoice, unless the Corporate Customer specifically requests the insurance not to be applied.

Corporate Customers shall inspect the shipment within seven (7) days and shall acquaint themselves with the user manuals and conditions before commissioning the products. Products intended for professional use might only contain foreign language instructions (e.g. in English or German). Products and services are always sold as is. Images used in the online shop may differ from the actual products. Products in images may differ from the offer or contain products that are not part of the configuration.

Corporate Customers may return the ordered products within fourteen (14) days of receiving them. In this case, Sissos shall charge a processing fee of 15% of the product's value. Sissos reserves the right to charge the actual transport fees to the Customer if these exceed the charged shipping fee. Product return expenses are covered by the Corporate Customer. Employees of Sissos may enter into separate contracts with Corporate Customers if different return conditions are agreed on. Such information must be clearly stated on the order confirmation, shipment or receipt.

Sissos is not liable for any direct or indirect costs, production loss, non-received profit or loss of profit caused by defective products or services and/or their use. The liability of Sissos is always limited to these terms and conditions. Product defect liability is limited to the sales price minus the use price.

Warranties for products purchased for corporate use are determined according to the manufacturer's warranty terms. Opening the product for any physical modifications, repairs or other reasons, terminates the warranty and seller's responsibility unless the manufacturer has stated otherwise.

Sissos reserves the right to direct Corporate Customers directly to the manufacturer or their authorized service provider. Such service providers may work in Finnish or a foreign language (e.g. English).

Sissos is not liable for fulfilling the contract in force majeure situations (e.g. strikes or sudden illness) that may not be overcome within reason. In force majeure situations, Sissos is not liable for reimbursing Corporate Customers for any damages or expenses and may terminate the contract.

Corporate Customers shall reimburse Sissos for any expenses, such as travel and accommodation costs, related to training at the customer’s location. All travel arrangements are agreed upon beforehand.

8. Images in the online shop (

Online shop images are always solely indicative. Some images may differ from the actual products.

9. Reference right

Sissos may use the Customer's name and services provided to them on a general level as a marketing reference.

10. Jurisdiction and applicable law

Sissos may choose either its own or the Customer's location as the district court jurisdiction. The applicable law is Finnish law.

11. Contact information for Sissos

Full contact details for Sissos can be found at

Terms last updated on 23.03.2016

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