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Frequently asked questions

On this page, you will find a lot of information about paintball. Questions and answers that we receive by email are added to this page, so you may find the answers to your questions here.

If you cannot find an answer to your question on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can also find information on our products, warranty and services on our product support page.

1. How many balls are used during a rental game?

A: The consumption of balls depends largely on the players and what sort of terrain the games are played in. Usually, approximately 300-500 balls per player should be reserved for a few-hours-long game. The average consumption is about 250 balls per active game hour.

2. Where can paintball games be played?

A: The landowner's permission is always needed for playing. A forest area measuring approximately 100x100 meters is sufficient for a 10-person group. Sissos has its own game area on the border of Helsinki and Espoo, in Konala, the Sissos Arena, which hosts guided games as well as open games (see open game below), which anyone can join. There is a game area in the metropolitan area, which Sissos' rental customers may use.

3. I'm interested in a paintball game, how do I start playing?

You can start playing by renting equipment from a paintball store in your municipality. For example, Sissos rents paintball equipment, see the rental link. You can also familiarize yourself with the game at open game events organized at the Sissos Arena, see Sissos Arena or contact the paintball team, club or group in your municipality: game group contact details can be found at or

4. How old must you be in order to play paintball?

We rent and sell paintball guns to anyone over 18 years of age. There is no age limit for purchasing other equipment. Younger participants may take part in organized events, under the supervision of parents. The recommended age limit for participating in game events is 13 years. We recommend spring-operated Splatmaster weapons with a smaller caliber and impact energy for 8-12-year-olds.

5. Will the paint from the paintballs come out of my clothes?

Yes. Paintballs are soluble in water and the paint is removed when washed. Large paint stains should be wiped before washing. Game equipment should be washed as soon as possible after the game day, so that the paint doesn't dry on the clothes. Paintballs may leave a grease stain on white or light-colored clothes after washing, so it is worth choosing dark clothes for your game outfit. Wash the game outfit at 60 degrees, if possible.

6. What is an open game? Where can I play if I do not have any friends who play paintball?

During the summer, Sissos organizes an open game event at the Sissos Arena, approximately once a month, where anyone can attend and play with their own equipment or with equipment that can be rented on-site. There is an air service at the event for those using their own paintball gun, as well as additional paintballs for sale. The rules at an open game event and the playable game modes will be discussed before the game. There are referees on the field in every game. Both experienced players and first-timers usually take part in open games. So you will certainly fit in.

During the winter, open walk-in games are organized at the Paintball Bunker indoor sports hall, which anyone can participate in. If necessary, you can borrow equipment on-site.

7. What is the difference between compressed air and carbon dioxide?

Both propellants have their own pros and cons. Temperature fluctuations do not affect compressed air as much as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is in liquid form in the container, and gasifies when it flows into the weapon. When the temperature rises, the carbon dioxide gasifies faster and the pressure increases more. Compressed air does not react so strongly to changes in temperature.

The compressed air bottle is easier to fill between games; you do not necessarily even have to remove it from the paintball weapon during filling. The carbon dioxide bottle always needs to be detached from the weapon, and may need to be cooled before filling.

The purchase costs of a carbon dioxide bottle are significantly lower than compressed air bottles. A carbon dioxide bottle costs about EUR30-50. Compressed air bottles cost about EUR80-300, depending on the material of the bottle and the filling pressure.

Not all paintball guns work with carbon dioxide. In general, low-end paintball guns operate with both carbon dioxide and compressed air, and the more expensive paintball guns only use compressed air.

8. Where can I get more information about paintball games?

Sissos' professional staff will be happy to advise on all matters related to paintball gaming. Please contact us by phone or email or come and visit our store in Myllypuro, Helsinki. There is also comprehensive information on paintball on Sissos' website. You can also familiarize yourself with paintball gaming and everything related to it online on the discussion boards, and

9. What equipment is required to play?

The minimum equipment needed is a paintball weapon (a marker), a propellant bottle (carbon dioxide or compressed air), a magazine, and most importantly protective equipment: a mask and body-covering clothing. We also recommend the use of neck protection, gloves, knee and elbow pads and shoes that support your ankles. Beginner packages cost around one EUR100 and upwards.

10. What kind of mask should you buy?

Masks, if possible, should be tried on before buying. The mask is worn throughout the game and is the most important protective equipment, i.e. it is worth investing in. Almost all the models of masks we sell are available for trying on in our store. More expensive masks are usually equipped with a double lens, which prevents the lens fogging, or a specially processed lens which has less fogging.

11. Why does my paintball gun have a lot less power than the other players' paintball guns? How is the muzzle velocity measured? Is it by chronographing?

Have you all measured the muzzle velocity of your guns?

The muzzle velocity of paintball guns (markers) should be adjusted to a maximum of 300 feet per second (300fps), (about 95 meters per second). The muzzle velocity can be measured with a radar designed for the purpose. They are available as hand-held (approximately EUR100-140) and table models (approximately EUR400). The muzzle velocity is affected by the temperature, the ball size and the marker's model, so the muzzle velocity may vary greatly during the game day, even if the muzzle velocity controller is not touched. All the currently sold marker models have adjustable muzzle velocities to make them safe.

The masks are designed to protect the user from hits at a rate of 300fps: the protective effect is reduced if you adjust the markers to shoot faster than the permitted velocity. Safety is important to us and should be for you, too, so please always check the marker's muzzle velocity before the start of the game. The marker's user manual will explain how the muzzle velocity can be increased or decreased.

12. Where can gas cylinders (carbon dioxide bottles) be filled and what does it cost?

The gas cylinders sold by Sissos are EU-approved and they are filled by paintball companies and associations, as well as several fire extinguisher maintenance firms. Filling the gas cylinder costs up to around EUR10.

13. Where can compressed air bottles be filled?

- The compressed air bottles sold by Sissos are EU-approved and they are filled by several paintball companies. Filling a compressed air cylinder costs up to around EUR10.

There is a compressed air filling service at the Helsinki store. We fill both small air bottles and diving bottles. The Helsinki store will fill your compressed air bottles for free, if you buy a box of paintballs at the same time.

You can also fill a compressed air bottle yourself from a diving bottle, with the help of a filling device. The price of filling equipment starts from around EUR60. Diving bottles are filled by diving clubs, fire departments and several paintball companies and clubs. Filling a diving bottle costs EUR5-50.

14. Is there a discount if you buy several gun packages at once?

If you are purchasing at least ten gun packages at the same time, we will give you a discount. Complete gun packages are extremely affordable, significantly lower than retail prices. Our prices are very competitive in other ways as well, if compared to other Finnish paintball companies or European online stores. Our large purchase volume enables low-cost resale prices.

15. How long will the balls store for and where should they be stored?

- Paintballs harden over time. We recommend the service life of the balls to be up to one year. Balls that are more than six months old should first be shot at a target to test how easily they break. The balls should be stored in a controlled room temperature at +18 - +22 degrees and they should be sheltered from the sun. Opened bags should be closed tightly with adhesive tape for storage.

The balls we sell come in temperature-controlled containers directly from the factory, so we are always able to provide our customers with fresh balls.

16. What package do you recommend? Which package in the same price category is better "X" or "Y"?

We offer favorite packages at low prices on our website. There are as many opinions on the best weapon in each price category as there are users.

17. Do electrical weapons work with batteries in the same way as airsoft guns?

No. In paintball guns only the firing mechanism uses electricity. A propellant is used for reloading and shooting the ball (carbon dioxide or compressed air).

18. What is the difference between paintball guns operating modes: pistol, pump, semi, electric, full-automatic?

Pistol-operated paintball guns are, as their name suggests, pistol-like. They usually have an small integrated magazine for approximately 8-12 balls. Pistols usually work with small 12 g carbon dioxide capsules, which can shoot approximately 10-30 balls per capsule.

Pump-operated paintball guns work, as their name suggests, with a mechanism familiar from pump action rifles. The paintball gun must be reloaded for each shot with the handle on the gun barrel. Pump-action paintball guns have lost their market position, as semi-automatic marker prices have significantly dropped during the last decade.

Semi-automatic markers are self-explanatory, i.e. they are triggered after every trigger stroke, and no mechanical action is needed between strokes: the gun automatically handles the reloading after each shot.

Electric paintball guns work electrically in some way. Either the trigger mechanism is electrically operated, such as, for example, the electrical markers manufactured by Tippmann, or there is an electric solenoid in the gun which controls the gas flowing in the gun and its trigger functions. Several electric weapons also have the option to adjust the firing mode, for example, with one trigger stroke, the gun can be set to fire three times.

A fully-automatic marker is fully automatic, i.e. fires a series of shots. Electrically operated guns can often be adjusted to be fully automatic.

19. What is the difference between a needle valve and an on/off valve?

An on/off valve is like a tap that can be opened and closed.

A needle valve is comparable to a car tire valve, which opens when the valve is pressed. In guns, there is a pin for the needle valve, which opens the valve, when a cylinder is tightened onto the weapon.

20. Shipping costs are calculated according to weight, so how much does the equipment weigh?

Paintballs weigh about 8 kilograms per box (2000 pcs). The gun package (a marker, mask, bottle, magazine) weighs about five kilograms.

21. In addition to a filling device, do I need anything else to fill carbon dioxide bottles?

Yes. For example, you will need a 30-kilogram rise tube filling bottle. You can rent the bottle from, for example, Aga or Woikoski.

22. What is the difference between 200 bar and 300 bar bottles?

You can fill a 300 bar bottle with 300 bars of air, i.e. 4,500 psi, while a 200 bar bottle can only be filled with 200 bars of air. The bottles may occupy a volume equal in size, but the 300 bar bottle can be filled with more air, as the bottle can withstand more pressure.

If you only play a bit, or not much air is needed during one game, you should choose a 200 bar bottle. If a lot of air is needed during one game, a 300 bar bottle should be chosen, because you can shoot more with a full 300 bar bottle.

Approximately 400-500 shots can be shot with a 0.8-litre 200 bar bottle using a Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun. Using the same paintball gun, approximately 700-900 shots can be fired with a 0.8 l 300 bar bottle. The number of shots depends on many factors, and these numbers are only for reference purposes. Some paintball guns consume more air, while others much less.

23. Is paintball played as a competitive sport?

Yes. Paintball is played in Finland in the National League and in Divisions 1, 2 and 3. In addition, a Forest League (Metsä-Liiga) has been arranged in recent years, which plays in forest fields, as its name suggests.

The Finnish federation is one of the oldest in Europe, and the national league run by the union is Europe's first and still operating competitive series. For more information on the union and series, as well as competition rules, please visit the Finnish Paintball Association website.

24. Can a compressed air bottle be filled with carbon dioxide?

No. Compressed air bottles are designed to only be used with compressed air. Compressed air bottles are not designed to withstand the temperature fluctuations of carbon dioxide. Putting carbon dioxide in a compressed air bottle can be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening.

25. Can a carbon dioxide bottle be filled with compressed air?

No. Carbon dioxide bottles are designed to only be filled with carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide bottles are not designed or tested to withstand the pressure required by high-pressure air. Filling a carbon dioxide bottle with high-pressure air can be extremely dangerous, even life-threatening.

26. My paintball gun needs to be sent in for warranty service, what should I do?

The products we sell have a six-month warranty. The warranty covers defects caused by materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover consumable parts such as seals, screws, protective discs, lenses and the like. The warranty does not apply to leaks in parts that are under pressure. The scope of the warranty service does not cover faults caused by lack of maintenance or poorly cleaned products. The warranty does not cover opening rusted screws.

The review fee is EUR15, if the service is not covered by the warranty. We charge EUR61 / hour + spare parts for work that is not covered by the warranty.

For warranty service matters, please always contact us first. In order to carry out any warranty maintenance, you may send us the product as a customer return, in which case you will not incur additional costs for the return. Please call our store and we will give you a customer return code. Print the customer return form from our website and attach it to the consignment.

27. Is it safe to play paintball?

Paintball is a safe sport as long as common sense and the most important protective equipment are used, i.e. a mask designed and tested for the constraints of the sport. Some statistics show that injuries happen in this sport as often as in golf, and even in this case, it is most often a sprained ankle or the like. Some players also use other protective gear such as knee and elbow pads, as well as jocks. Chest armor is very popular, especially among younger players.